Randomness from my BlackBerry

This is that one blissful moment of each day where I can just drop down on the couch and sigh with relief. The kids are down for the count, the dogs are (for the most part) not being annoying, and the hubby’s transfixed in front of the TV watching the Military History Channel or something; that means…momma’s got some alone time.

And I need it!

Today’s been very industrious for me. I finished my “who’s brandi evans?” and “my books” pages for my blog, got a twitter account (how fun is that!?!?), and then re-re-re-re-wrote the synopsis for Fallen before shoving the submission packet out the virtual door. I had to shove it because it’s been sitting on my hard drive way too long, telling me over and over and over again that it needed to be edited just one more time…

But now, my baby is in the hands of an editor at Samhain Publishing (you know who you are, and I promise all those “please contract me” vibes aren’t coming from me…really, lol!) and I get to bite my nails for the next several months or so as I wait to hear Fallen’s fate. Yippie!

But that’s okay. I’ve got lots to distract me. I’ve got book 1 in a new vampire trilogy called Surrendering to Darkness that’s ready and waiting to be polished. I swore I wasn’t ever going to write a vamp story because there are sooooo many out there, but the darn thing just wanted to be written so badly that I basically finished the 15K draft in a weekend! The darn characters just wouldn’t shut up!

Anyhoo, I’m off to bed, my lovlies. See ya around.




About Brandi Evans

erotic romance writer
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