My Goals for March 8-14, 2010

After a week of sick girlies and a looooog 3-day weekend, it’s time to get back to writing again! My goals for this week are simple–edit my latest WIP so I can get started on Book 2 of my trilogy next Monday. I’ve broken down my weekly goals by day, to help keep me on track…

Monday: rest and recover from this weekend, lol.

Tuesday: edit 1st 2 chapters of Surrendering to Darkness, Book 1.

Wednesday: edit  chapters 3 & 4 of SD1.

Thursday: edit chapters 5 & 6 of SD1.

Friday: edit chapter 7 & the epilogue of SD1 and do some mini-plotting and setup work for SD2 so I can hit the keyboard running on Monday. 🙂

Saturday & Sunday: spend time with my family!

I’ll report back next Monday with an update or you can follow me on Twitter (click on the “follow me” tab on the right sidebar) for daily updates–okay, more like hourly updates, lol.




About Brandi Evans

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2 Responses to My Goals for March 8-14, 2010

  1. Maria D. says:

    Excellent goals…especially liked the part about using today for recovering from the weekend!

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