Mind if I Vent for a Minute?

Warning: this is a rant. Consider yourself warned.

So today has been one of those days…

Actually, everything started last night when my cable and internet went down. I thought it was just a temporary issue so I went to bed. When I woke up, however…nothing. Called the carrier, but they couldn’t troubleshoot over the phone. They needed to send someone to my house…enter technician who showed up 45 minutes EARLY. Yeah, I said early. Now that should have been great, but he showed up about 30 mins after I got off the phone with tech support, so I hadn’t had time to get dressed or pick up after Hurricane Kiddos struck. So there I was, answering the door with a destroyed house and no shower–or bra! Not pretty–ugh!

Then the Kiddos broke Kiddo #2’s crib. Totally and completely destroyed. No chance to revive it. (It has gone through at least 7 kids, so it was near the end of its life.) So the hubbs and I spent the morning searching through the shed for the other half of the bunk beds we’d bought a couple years ago. (And oh, the shed was NASTY. I’ve had a shower since, but I still can’t stop itching!) We go to put the bed together but we can’t find any of the hardware. We search (in the shed…ew!) for close to an hour then FINALLY find the hardware. So we get the bed together, but as I’m taking the plastic off the mattress, I see what looks like proof we’ve got mice in our shed. Yuck! So  now we’ve got to get a new new mattress!

Ready for the worst…?

The tornado sirens went off about ten minutes ago. Tornado on the ground about 5 minutes from my house! Homes destroyed, ambulances dispatched, highway partially closed off…the whole nine yards. And there’s a second storm on the way! So there’s a very good chance I’ll be packing up the kiddos soon and heading over to my parents and their storm shelter. Welcome Tornado Season!

So that’s how my day’s gone so far! Here’s to hoping I’m around tomorrow to have a better day!




About Brandi Evans

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