My Goals for March 15-21, 2010

So last week, my goals didn’t go so well. I’d hoped to be through Surrendering to Darkness, Book 1, but I only made it to page 23 of 65. Bad…I know, right? I’d rant about all my excuses, but I’ve already done that on a previous post, lol.

There is, however, one massive thing I’d forgotten to take into account last week, and that was Friday. Normally, Friday’s are my “big” writing days. The hubby didn’t work that day, so he gave me ALL day to write, but his schedule has recently changed. Now, he works on Friday too. *sigh*

That means Friday’s are just like every other day now, and I’ll only have 3ish hrs to work. So taking that into consideration and the fact that I’m starting a new…eh, eh, eh… (come on, Brandi, you can say it) diet tomorrow, I’m going to scale back my goals.

Monday: finish edits on (and most likely split) chapter 3 of Surrendering to Darkness, Book 1. It’s way too long, lol.

Tuesday: edit chapter 4 of SD1.

Wednesday: edit  chapter 5 of SD1.

Thursday: edit chapter 6 of SD1.

Friday: edit chapter 7 of SD1.

Saturday Sunday: edit the epilogue of SD1 and do some mini-plotting and setup work for SD2 but, mostly, spend time with my family.

That’s it for now! 🙂

Like last week, I’ll report back in next Monday with an update or you can keep up with me on Twitter (click on the “follow me” tab on the right sidebar).




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