My Snot Runneth Over (and a review of Inspiration)


Today’s been one of those days. I caught myself at various times seriously considering the option of cutting off my nose and gouging out my eyes just to make this severe allergy attack (that’s turned into bronchitis, by the way) go away. A little extreme I know but desperate times and all that. 🙂

Now, with my complaining out of the way, onto the good stuff.

Thanks to Candace Irvine, a friend of mine from my local RWA chapter, I’ve discovered the greatest program. It’s called Inspiration.  OMG, I LOOOOOVE it. (Now if only I could afford a Mac so I can get Scrivener!)

Brief description of Inspiration: a program that lets you create “information bubbles” and then lets you shows how the “bubbles” link to each other. These “information bubbles” can be characters, chapters, murder victims…whatever! It’s perfect for the visual writer.

Here’s a whittled-down example using my main villain from Surrendering to Darkness:

Awesome, right? 🙂

In my full Inspiration file for Surrendering to Darkness, I show how my villain here is linked to my hero/heroine. I also show how my villain’s “accidental informant” relates to my hero/heroine, how the villain’s dead wife relates to the hero,  etc. I have this huge web of  character relations that’s super visual.

Now, if you like the freedom of the bubbles for brainstorming but think you’d rather have it in outline form when you actually sit down to write…no problem. Inspiration lets you switch back and forth.

Here’s what the above-pasted section looks like in outline (minus the indentions because I’m apparently a retard and couldn’t get WordPress to add them):

Anton Dimarco (vamp)


I. Rachel Dimarco (vamp)

accidental informant

II. Veronica Moons (vamp)

“captain of the guards”

III. Ryker (demon)


A. Army of Minions (various)


B. delivery driver (human)


C. Dean (vamp)

sex slave

IV. Garnet (human)

Like I said before, I love this program. I can’t rave about it enough, but since I love you all and know you don’t want to listen to me rave on and on and on and on and on…I’ll shut up. 🙂

Until next time, my lovlies.


~Brandi Evans


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2 Responses to My Snot Runneth Over (and a review of Inspiration)

  1. arlene says:

    Hi Brandi,

    This is Arlene from the Paranormal blog. I couldnt find your email on this site, but wanted to comment that this post about the Mac and inspiration is great. I wondered if you have time, and you get the message, you’d consider posting something similar on the blog sometime tommorow, tuesday, your day to post. Wish I had a Mac too. thanks for sharing…arlene

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