My Goals for April 19-25, 2010

Man…just how long has it been since I posted my goals? Yikes! If you look up the definition of the word “flake” in the dictionary, you’ll see my name listed as a prime example. See, here’s the entry for flake on…

Flake: (slang) an eccentric person; see Brandi Evans, erotic romance author.

Okay, so I added the last part, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true, lol.

It’s just been a weird couple of weeks for me. I blame my birthday, lol. Nothing like acknowledging another year gone to pull a girl down in the dumps for a while. Then, as I’m trying to climb out of the dumps, I get blasted with the allergy cold from hell, and this morning, I received my first rejection letter for Fallen. I spent the morning feeling sorry for myself (I’m allowed a little moping, right?) and then got to work editing again. I’m almost finished with chapter 1, thus getting my goals for the week started.

Monday – Friday: work on edits for Fallen and think of fun things to do on my blog. Any ideas/things or topics you’d like to read about? I’m sure no one enjoys listening to be drone on and on about nothing, lol.

Until next week, my lovlies.


~Brandi Evans

Oh, and I also joined a new group called the Paranormalists. Click here to check out their blog.


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