I Changed my Blog Theme…Again

I sometimes–okay, frequently–annoy myself. Does that make me a little off in the head? Oh wait…don’t answer that!

So, anyway, as my blog title proclaims, I’ve spent the day playing with WordPress themes. Actually, I’ve been doing this for a while. I can’t find one that I really, really like. I like features of a lot of them, but none as a whole.

Even more annoying, you can’t really “play” with a theme until you’ve activated it, but once you activate it, you’re screwed. There go your sidebar widgets, your header. AHHHH!!! Yes, you can preview the theme before you activate it, but the preview just isn’t the same as playing around inside a theme.

Anyway, I think I’m happy with this theme. For now. (See…told you I was annoying!) What do you think?


~Brandi Evans


About Brandi Evans

erotic romance writer
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2 Responses to I Changed my Blog Theme…Again

  1. Maria D. says:

    I like the theme and if your happy with it that is all that matters. I’m working on mine too….I think that we just get tired of things after a while…does that make us neurotic??? I don’t think so…lol

    • Brandi Evans says:

      LOL. Does that make us neurotic? Hmm…if it does, I’m okay with it! And I think I’ll leave this theme for a while. Not too busy and very clean. 🙂 And I like your blog, BTW. What are your visions for it?

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