My Sweet Little Rule Bender

She makes me laugh and cry...all in the same breath.

Kiddo #1 is not yet 5, but she’s got a firm grasp on the “bend but don’t break” concept. We’ve been going through a rough patch in regards to hitting and kicking little sister, so today, when lil sis was blocking the TV, what does big sis go and do?

She hip-checks sis out of the way!

She didn’t “hit” sister, didn’t “kick” sister, so therefore, in her eyes, she was in the clear. I couldn’t believe it! I should have…but I didn’t. This is the same child I told to stop throwing the balls out of her ball pit…

She rolled them out instead! I kid you not. She looked right at me, picked up a ball, and then carefully rolled it across the room.

I thought the Terrible Twos were supposed to be confined to the 2-yr-old age bracket. I guess the Terrible Twos is just when it starts but the ending age…who knows!

What’s your funniest kiddo story?


~Brandi Evans


About Brandi Evans

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