Pressing Send is so Darn Hard

Life is running away with me again. Kidlet #1 is getting ready for her 1st dance recital, and she’s sooo excited. Me…I’m exhausted, lol. She had dress rehearsal yesterday from about 3 to 8 p.m. Keep in mind she’s 4.5! Now, we didn’t have to stay at the auditorium the entire time, but we were there most of that time.

Still, she’s excited. She keeps asking me when she gets to go dance again. Kidlets #2 wants to dance too. All during rehearsal, she kept asking me if she could dance on stage. *mama’s heart breaking as she looked at me with those blue eyes* And I’m getting totally off point, lol. This was supposed to be a post about submission.

Not that kind of submission, people. 🙂

After another revision, I’ve submitted Fallen to Ellora’s Cave.  Keep your fingers crossed for me. (Super thanks to Shayla Kersten and Olivia Starke for your crits. You rock, ladies!)

Ya know…no matter how many times I do this, sending off my babies never gets easier. I must have sit in Starbucks and stared at the open email window for almost ten minutes before finally hitting the send button. I read and rereading my query letter like it was going to spontaneously change before I sent it off.  Shayla Kersten laughed at me.

Is it bad when your idiosyncrasies annoy yourself?

Anyway, my manuscript is away and out of my control. Time to throw myself into a new project to keep myself occupied. I plan on dividing my writing time between 3 different WIPs as I figure out which one really wants to be written first. 🙂




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4 Responses to Pressing Send is so Darn Hard

  1. Maria D. says:

    My nieces had their dance recital 2 weeks ago today. It is always so exciting for them ….and excruciating for my sister and in a way for me (always too hot in the auditorium). Have fun at the recital!

  2. I only laughed because I’ve been there. With every single book I’ve submitted.

    And do you know how embarrassing it is to get your hand stuck in a mailbox while trying to get the snail mail ones back? LOL

    I have my fingers crossed for ya! Say hello to the “grandkids”. *cackle*

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