Monday Confessions

It’s Monday, time to confess what I did (and didn’t) do last week.

Last week was one hell of a ride!

Yet somewhere between kidlet activities (3 days of dance rehearsals/recital, therapy, and school) and just typical mom-dom stuff, I actually had a productive writing week. More importantly, I received a request from an editor at Ellora’s Cave for my paranormal erotic romance Fallen. 🙂

It’s not an acceptance…but it’s the next best thing!

What I did last week:

1. Plotted Heart of Stone, the next book in my Redemption Harbor Series. Mari McPherson gets the shock of her life when she touches a very realistic-looking statue of a muscled Gladiator–and it comes to life!

2. Plotted Battle Scars, an erotic romantic suspense. Kyle Richmonds has lingering physical and emotional battle scars from a bloodbath in Iraq and his new lover is linked to that battle in a way neither could have predicted.

3. Submitted Fallen to Ellora’s Cave. Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?

4. About finished CP edits for Fallen. I’m so close now.

Next week’s goals:

1. Finish Fallen edits and put it away.

2. Wrike 5K on Surrendering to Darkness.

3. Write 5K on Battle Scars.

4. Complete newsletter for one of my writer’s group.

5. Crit partial for CP.

I plan on meeting Shayla Kersten at Starbucks again on Tuesday for a writeathon. At least I think we are meeting, lol. If not, I’ll be at Starbucks alone. Either way, I should get some good work done!

Until next time,


~Brandi Evans


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One Response to Monday Confessions

  1. Maria D. says:

    Hey anything that you can get done while having to take kids to and from Dance practice and recitals is good!

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