Inspiration Comes in Strange Ways…

So I’m perusing the Ellora’s Cave author’s loop, getting to know my way around, and I found this…

This cover instantly captivated my Muse.

And now, a story idea is brewing. Hell, it’s practically ironed out in my head, including the danged title–and all with a glance at this cover.

The hero’s name is Grant and the heroine’s name is Caitlyn. She’s an actress passing through a small Arkansas town on her way back to Hollywood when her fancy-smancy convertible breaks down. He’s a former child star who’s totally disheartened with the Hollywood elite, and when he rolls onto the scene in his battered 1980s Ford pickup truck, tempers and sparks will fly!

And all of that came to be because of a cover I saw about 5 minutes ago. My Muse rocks!!! 🙂



About Brandi Evans

erotic romance writer
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