My Last Day of Freedom for a While…

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be on military duty for 2 weeks, so if my poor blog suddenly looks abandoned for a while, you’ll know why. 😉 But fear not, I WILL return! Wahaha!

*insert creepy music*

Things have been so hectic this week. I forgot to post my Monday Confessions this week. Sorry about that. I’ve been frantically trying to finish my current WIP before I leave. Nothing like being gone for two weeks then trying to step right back into a half-finished manuscript. Happened to me that last year…the manuscript STILL isn’t finished.

But I’m glad to report, the rough draft is finished! It’s in a total crap state now, but at least it’s complete!

“I’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter.”
~James Michener

You have no clue how much I resembled that statement!

Now, onto goals…

Last week’s goals:

1. Finish Lust, Lace & Lingerie before I go on military duty next week. Ugh! I was aiming for the story to be about 15K but I’m 5K away from that, and I’m not close enough to the finish. Maybe 20K? We’ll see. (Draft IS finished! Woot! It’s story 1 in a 3-part Quickie series I’m going to sub to Ellora’s Cave. Hopefully they want it! Keep your fingers crossed for me.)

2. Get critique back to my CP before she strangles me. 🙂 (Yes! Finally. No strangling involved! You rock, Olivia!)

My goals for the next two weeks:

1. Survive in the muggy Arkansas heat for two weeks.

2. Read, read, read in all that free time I know I’m gonna have. *rolls eyes* Still, I’m hopefully we’ll get some down time. My sister is bringing me some of her fave paperback reads. I have a Kindle but I don’t want to take it into the field with me. With my luck it’s rain or something.

Well, I’d better get out of here. I’ve still got some more packing to do. *sigh*



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2 Responses to My Last Day of Freedom for a While…

  1. Maria D. says:

    Thanks for your service Brandi! Hope it’s not too hot where they send you and that you do get some free time to read. Btw- love the redesign on the site, looks great.

    • Brandi Evans says:

      Thanks, Maria! I hope it’s not too hot either, but I’m not holding my breath.

      And I’m glad you like the redesign. This is version 2. Version 1 was basically the same but dark green instead of red. And well, I just thought the red was sexier. 😉

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