Summer Camp 2010: Day Zero

So Summer Camp Day Zero was great…probably the only great day I’ll have for the next 2 weeks. LOL. We were released not long after lunch, and after I got home, my mom, sister, and my 2 kidlets got our nails done. 🙂

Tomorrow, however, the real fun starts! (And by “fun,” what I really mean is, well, probably something I shouldn’t say in front of civilized people.

I call this “Day Zero” because today is technically a drill day. Tomorrow is when the Orders kick in. The day we report…

Geez, do I sound as grumpy as I feel?

Sorry about that. I’m not normally so bitchy about the military stuff. I enjoy what I do, and I enjoy the work. Problem is, I won’t get to do much that’s related to my primary MOS. But enough of my complaining. 🙂

Until later…


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2 Responses to Summer Camp 2010: Day Zero

  1. Alana aka Lanibug says:

    hmm….hang in there!!!

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