I Got a New Toy! :-)

My new toy!

So yesterday, my hubby bought me a little Acer Aspire One. Isn’t he sweet!

I’ve been wanting one of these babies for several months now. I love my main laptop but it’s HUGE. It’s great for watching videos or sitting at my desk and editing, but with 2 kidlets running about, it’s very cumbersome when it comes to just sitting in my lap and getting a little work in while the kids are occupied with Dora or Spongebob.

But not this little baby. It’s just so darn small, but it has a full size keyboard. Typing make convenient!

Did I mention I loved it. 🙂

Anyhoo, I’m off to edit (yes, on my new toy), but I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about my trip to the Pharoah’s exhibit with Shayla Kersten and Delilah Devlin. So much fun! (Thanks for letting me tag along, ladies. More importantly, thanks for helping me have a kidlet-free outing!)



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2 Responses to I Got a New Toy! :-)

  1. Mar says:

    Pretty, congratulations!

  2. Maria63303 says:

    What a great present! Very nice.

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