Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

After a day like yesterday, I wish the answer was me.

And before you ask, no, nothing particularly bad happened. Just a conglomeration of little things, not all of them necessarily bad.

My bad day actually started the day before yesterday with my power going out for no apparent reason. (Click here to read about this little incident.) So with no electric at my house, I packed up the kidlets and took them to my dad’s. No big deal, right?

While my girls and their very young uncles were playing in the floor, I decided that we should just stay the  night, seeing as though I needed to be there bright and early the next day anyway so I could watch my brothers while my dad went to the hospital to have a minor procedure performed. Dad assured me it wouldn’t take long so I didn’t even bother to go home and pack clothes. I figured I’d be home well before noon anyway…

Boy was I surprised! Dad didn’t return home until after 5 that evening.

To make matters worse, dad’s house had no food because the family had been gone the previous week, so I had nothing to feed the kidlets. And seeing as though I didn’t have a vehicle large enough to transport 4 kidlets (2 in carseats) there was no shopping that could be done…not that I would have tried anyway. 4-to-1 ratio kids v adults. Yeah those are NOT good odds.

Pizza anyone?

Anyhoo, when my dad gets home, brother #3 (23) stays with the kidlets while I get food, prescriptions for Dad and STARBUCKS! Of the 3, Starbucks was the most important, LOL. And when all was said and done, I finally made it to sleep about midnight.

That was my day. Oh, wait, there’s one more thing I forgot to mention. I was fighting food poisoning the entire day! At one point, I actually considered curling up in a ball and crying. Okay, well, it wasn’t that bad but… 🙂

As you can see, yesterday was not a fun day to be Brandi–although I could have used a nice glass of brandy. Actually, no. It probably would have just made my stomach feel worse, LOL.

Later lovlies! (And I’ll try not to be so glum, LOL.) Oh, and I’ve got a guess blogger coming up but more on that when I get more details.



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4 Responses to Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

  1. KJ Reed says:

    Sounds like quite the day. Always fun to mix in days like those with our everyday, mundane, completely unchallenging lives, right? (ha!)

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Maria63303 says:

    Glad that you are beginning to feel better- when your stomach is sick or you have a migrane what is usually a small problem becomes a large problem.
    Glad that your dad’s proceedure went okay and that you and the kidlets were able to go home eventually 🙂

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