So I Got the Kidlets Pillow Pets…

My babies have been wanting Pillow Pets for months now, and I’ve been procrastinating. They’re almost 3 and 5 now, so they suffer from the “I have to have it now, mama” Syndrome. Annoying, yes, but their syndrome is often manageable if mama simply distracts them with ice cream or something shinny. *wink, wink*

But not this time. Not that I can blame them. How cute are these guys….? 🙂

Kidlet 1's Pillow Pet

Kidlet 2's Pillow Pet

They’ve know which Pillow Pet they’ve wanted from the first moment they saw the commercial. In fact, Kidlet 1 kept asking me where her Ladybug Pillow Pet was. *sigh* So I broke down.

They pillows arrived in the mail two days ago, and the kidlets have been loving on them ever since. And singing the Pillow Pet songs…

“It’s a pillow. It’s a pet. It’s a Pillow Pet.”

It was cute the first thousand times they sang it, LOL. But I’m okay with it for one very big reason.

Bedtime has been much easier since the Pillow Pets arrived!

Later lovelies,


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6 Responses to So I Got the Kidlets Pillow Pets…

  1. Georgina DeBurca says:

    They’re lovely. 🙂 So happy your little ones like them

  2. Maria63303 says:

    Wow….I’ve never seen these before and now I want my own Pillowpet 🙂

  3. That bumblebee is the CUTEST thing. I’m filing this away for when I have my own kidlets. *plots*

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