Monday Confessions

This was just one of those days. And what gets me most, the day started out so good.

I went to Starbucks and worked on my WIP from about 830 to 1200. It was great! Then I went home to pick up the kidlets so I could take them to my parent’s for Kidlet2’s b-day party, and as soon as I walked inside, the power went out.

*insert groan*

The electricity in my house is fickle to say the least, but you all know that, LOL. How many times in the past month have I blogged about the fact my power crapped out again?

Wait…maybe you shouldn’t answer that. It’d probably just depress me.

Anyhoo, I call the power people, but they say the house has power. I then call the electrician. Turns out the wiring for my air conditioner is funky, and that’s what keeps tripping my breaker. *Yeah, I don’t understand either.* And during the debacle of trying to get everything fixed, I also had to take Kidlet1 to the doctor for an earache.

The day, however, did end on a high note. My hubs isn’t going to have to work tomorrow morning like he thought which means, yep you guessed it…I get to the spend the morning working at Starbucks again. And that I can never complain about.

Now onto goals…

1. *nope. I’m only about 1/3 of the way through* Edit Exposed Desires and shoot to crit partner.
2. *did not even start* Read and return crit to crit partner.

As you can see, last week’s goal completion level was practically in the negative. 😦

1. Finish edit on Exposed Desires and shoot to crit partner.
2. Read and return crit to crit partner.

I plan to be at Starbucks every morning this week (except Thursday) so HOPEFULLY I’ll get some good work turned out.


p.s. I’m going to be blogging about a new group blog soon. Keep a look out for the exciting details!


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