Sunday Snippet

From current WIP, Exposed Desires. May I introduce Sophia Raines…

This snippet is from the story’s opening scene, where Sophia is getting up the courage to tell her best friend, Bret, she loves him.

From the corner of her eyes, she could see Bret watching her, and like Odysseus to the call of the Sirens, she couldn’t help but turn her full attention on him. He waved her over. She took one step toward him. Then stopped.

What was she doing? The last thing she wanted was for Bret to start asking questions about what she was up to. Lying to her best friend wasn’t her strong suit.

Obviously neither was telling him the complete truth.

She flashed him a smile and pointed behind her, mouthing the words I’m needed backstage.

Bret over exaggerated a sigh, complete with sagging shoulders and pouty lips. The dork.

And…cut! Hope you enjoyed!

Later Lovlies,

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