Monday Confessions

It’s Monday (groan), time to confess what I did (and didn’t) do last week…

Not a bad week last week. I finally finished Exposed Desires. *tosses confetti* How long has that been on my goals list? Yeah, I don’t remember either. AND I finished the crit for Shayla Kersten’s new manuscript, which means she doesn’t have to kill me! *grin*

I’ve also started 2 new stories. Now, you might think that’s a good thing, but no…

See, the problem is that my Muse and I are in a battle over which story to actually write. I want to finish On the Vine, my sexy story set in Arkansas’s wine country, but my muse wants to write Taming Lady Valerie, an experiment in Geek Erotica.

Yes, I said Geek Erotica! 🙂

Now onto goals…

LAST WEEK’S GOALS (and okay it was really longer than a week…):
1. *DONE!*Finish edit on Exposed Desires and shoot to crit partner.
2. *DONE* Read and return crit to crit partner.

1. Write 10K in total. Since my muse and I are battling for dominance, I’m just going to go with write 10K on ANY story. Hey, progress is progress!
2. Send Exposed Desires to my editor. Of course, this goal is dependent on my crit partner getting the manuscript back to me. She’s got a busy week ahead of her, so there’s a good chance this might have to get pushed off until next week. I’ll just have to play it by ear.

Later Lovelies,

p.s. The new group blog is coming together great and we should launch in the next few weeks!


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4 Responses to Monday Confessions

  1. Nara Malone says:

    Geek erotica has me really curious….

    • Brandi Evans says:

      Tehehe. My hero’s a video game tester and owns a gamer’s magazine. And I say “geek” because he’s not typical alpha male material…at least outside the game. *grin*

  2. I have some friends who keep to-do lists on their blogs. They use the strikeout font feature to cross off their to-do’s, re-promoting the post whenever they accomplish something.

    Letting the world know your goals (writing or otherwise) seems like a great way to keep yourself honest and on track!

    Good luck this week! I’m excited to hear you finished another manuscript! 🙂


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