Sunday Snippet

From current WIP, Exposed Desires. May I introduce Bret Dowers…

This snippet is from the scene where strip club owner Sophia shocks her best friend, Bret, with some serious PDA. (AKA she gives him an on-stage lap dance.)


His hands clenched at his side, itching to touch her, but he couldn’t. The rules at Exposed Desires regarding touching dancers during a lap dance was strict. But fuck! It was Soph dry humping him, and with the stage lights creating a veil of darkness that blacked out the audience, he could almost pretend they were alone.


Her hands still on his shoulders, she pushed straight up until her arms locked. Her barely covered nipples kissed his face, so fucking close all he had to do was open his mouth…

But she reversed direction and slid slowly back down. Down. Down. All the way down. Her breath scorched his skin through his clothes, and when her mouth reached his aching cock, his head and eyes rolled back.

Famine. Disease. Starving children in Ethiopia. He pulled up image after image, anything that might check his mounting desire.

It was like trying to put out a five-alarm fire with a water gun.

And…cut! Hope you enjoyed this latest segment of Sunday Snippets!

Later Lovlies,


About Brandi Evans

erotic romance writer
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2 Responses to Sunday Snippet

  1. Cari Quinn says:

    I loved it, Brandi! I want more! Not that I’m greedy or anything… ;D

    Love your site…I’ll have to add it to my blogroll.

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