Sunday Snippet

From current WIP, Lust, Lace & Lingerie. May I introduce Bree…

This snippet is from the scene where Bree (manager at a lingerie boutique) is reluctantly modeling lingerie for her boss, Max, and a lingerie designer, Garrett, after their model cancelled at the last moment.


I might as well be naked.

The black, ultra sheer fishnet that covered me from neck to toe didn’t leave much to the imagination. The halter-style top with open back left my boobs feeling like they were about to pop out and say hi. And I didn’t quite know what to think about the crisscrossing nylon “braids” looping about my body in a haphazard fashion.

As lingerie went, it was sexy but not something I was comfortable wearing in front of my boss. Oh, and did I mentioned the getup was fucking crotchless? At least my sexy red “uniform” covered all major body parts! This should earn me a raise from Max.

In more ways than one.

Max watched me from his office sofa, his normally crystal blue eyes a little darker than usual, and judging by the bulge in his pants, I appeared to be getting at least one of those raises.

And…cut! Hope you enjoyed this latest segment of Sunday Snippets!

Later Lovlies,


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2 Responses to Sunday Snippet

  1. Mar says:

    That is just plain evil leaving me hanging with the hawt boss sprawled on the couch giving her the dark eyes look….evil woman! 🙂

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