Countdown to Release – Tempted Excerpt #1

In this scene, our sexy, fallen angel Seth is contemplating the decision he’d made to break Code and show himself to save Lyndi…



He looked to the Heavens. Everything he’d done up until this point had taken him one step closer to his goal. To return home. Tonight, however, being with Lyndi and her family, he’d actually forgotten about his quest and how much this one night could cost him.

Showing himself to a single human, let alone a family, could sabotage everything he’d worked toward. If anyone ever found out…

No, he didn’t want to think about what would happen. Angels—Archangels, Seraphs, or Angels of Death—were forbidden to reveal themselves unless instructed otherwise by The Divine. Yet, to his surprise, when he pictured Lyndi’s flushed face on the railing beside the ocean, he didn’t regret his choice.


He glanced at Lyndi as she walked beside him. Romantic relationships between angels were different than relationships between humans—less physical and more emotional. More like communing rather than raw, sweaty bodies locked together, an act he knew but didn’t know.

He fought back the physical urge stiffening his cock and tried, unsuccessfully, to banish thoughts of how Lyndi’s juices had coated his fingers when he’d slid them inside her.

What would it feel like to lose himself in Lyndi’s softness, in the slight vanilla and honey scent of her body as he sank balls-deep into—

Heaven, what was wrong with him? If he kept having thoughts like these, his cock would never stop aching. Shit, he was a cart rolling downhill and nothing short of his sheer destruction could stop him now. He should be stronger than this.

But how strong could he be if a single, incredible woman could bring him to his knees?


Tempted releases tomorrow (Aug 25) from Ellora’s Cave!
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About Brandi Evans

erotic romance writer
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15 Responses to Countdown to Release – Tempted Excerpt #1

  1. OMG, the more I hear about this book the more I realize how much I NEED to read this book.

  2. Tessa says:

    Lots of passion here. Makes me want to know more!

  3. Fedora says:

    LOL! Gotta love a woman who can bring an ANGEL to his knees!

  4. Knicole says:

    Really interesting premise. Like it!

  5. Mina Gerhart says:

    Wow, great excerpt, Brandi !
    I’ve gotta get a copy. I LOVE Seth’s thoughts in the excrpt & the excerpt is sooo darn sexy.
    Mindy 🙂

  6. Carol L. says:

    Wow, hot excerpt. It’s definitely going on my TRL. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Carol L.

  7. Cathy M says:

    Love the storyline, there is just something so sexy about a fallen angel.

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