I’m Writing Again…

Tonight was a great moment for me. I’ve done practically no writing since my husband left for military duty a month ago and I started a new medication for my Fibromyalgia. Now, I’m not sure which is more to blame for my creativity drop-off, if either, but I actually got a little writing done tonight!

I’m working on Heart of Stone (working title), book 2 in my Redemption Harbor series. The heroine is Marianne McPherson, big sister to Tempted heroine Lyndi Garrison. Mari is about to meet Demetrios, a sexy statue of a Greek gladiator—at least until he comes to life when she touches him!

I’ve been dying to get her story down since I wrote Tempted and I’m glad I’ve finally gotten a little done. Like I said, it’s not much but I’m insanely happy to just get SOMETHING done on it, so happy I had to share with you all…



All men should be rounded up and burned at the stake. Or possibly castrated with butter knifes. Mari wasn’t picky so long as they all suffered greatly, especially her bastard ex-husband Paul.

As she waited for the stoplight to turn green, she squeezed the steering wheel so hard her knuckles turned white and she practically screamed into her Bluetooth earpiece. “What do you mean you’re not bringing the kids back this afternoon? We had an—”

“They wanted to go to Splashtown, so I decided to take them. What’s wrong with that?”

“What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong!” When the light finally changed, she somehow managed to keep from punching the accelerator. Besides, she’d rather punch Paul. “We had an agreement. You get the kids Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning. That’s it. If you wanted to take them on a little impromptu vacation, you should have left Friday, not Saturday afternoon. Especially not without fucking telling me! Madison has a softball game tonight for Christ’s sake.”

“Look, babe. Madison didn’t tell me about her game and—”

“It doesn’t matter what Madison did or didn’t tell you, babe. I told you.”


“No more buts, Paul.” She sucked in a deep breath. All arguing with Paul would get her was another prescription of Nexium and she needed another ulcer like she needed the pint of Ben and Jerry’s she’d shoveled through last night.


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