I’ve Moved Virtual Homes.

I’m in the processing of moving…websites that is. When you have a chance, check out my new “home,” and please, don’t be afraid to make yourself at home. 😉


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Hump Day Hottie

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Unbelievable Sexy Illusion

Grabbed this illusion video off of YouTube. 🙂


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Help! My heroine needs a name…

My Muse is slowly emerging from hibernation so I’m playing around with different story ideas, hoping to see if something really sparks her interest. Tonight, she decided to work on a romantic suspense.

Hero’s name is Kyle (although I’m not totally sold on that) and he’s an ex-hitman in Witness Protection. My nameless heroine is a small town cop who has no idea about the hero’s bloody past.

She’s very tomboyish, from attitude to physique and is the only daughter of a family of four brothers. So far, none of the names I’ve come up with for are really jiving. I want something all American but with a little bit of sass. Any suggestions?


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Inspiration: a Love-Hate Relationship

Inspiration: a Love-Hate Relationship.

via Inspiration: a Love-Hate Relationship.

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I’m Writing Again…

Tonight was a great moment for me. I’ve done practically no writing since my husband left for military duty a month ago and I started a new medication for my Fibromyalgia. Now, I’m not sure which is more to blame for my creativity drop-off, if either, but I actually got a little writing done tonight!

I’m working on Heart of Stone (working title), book 2 in my Redemption Harbor series. The heroine is Marianne McPherson, big sister to Tempted heroine Lyndi Garrison. Mari is about to meet Continue reading

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Sexy Word of the Day

Paramour (par·amour): an illicit lover.

ex: She was his paramour, and he kept her hidden from the rest of the world.

~Brandi Evans

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Exposed Desires has a New Release Date

My Ellora’s Cave Quickie, Exposed Desires, has a new release date: Nov 18, 2010. Two additional weeks of anticipation, LOL. *le sigh*

~Brandi Evans

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A little to the left, please!

A fun post from author Heather Howard on my group blog PassionateReads.com. 🙂

A little to the left, please!


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Hump Day Hottie

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